Monday, July 23, 2012

Rejection letter

Hi OJ,

Thank you for your recent submission to the website. Unfortunately, we feel that an article which is an attack on another society, operating in our close vicinity, does not align with our best interests. We feel that our website is not the right medium through which you might deliver such a passionate critique, however justified.

Your article is extremely well written and thought out, and belies great potential. Please do not let this discourage you from writing for us in the future, on topics which align better with the society's purpose.

Hanbo and the ESSA Publications Team

First post in a while, and I've been busy since...whenver it was that I last posted. I won't post up the article that I wrote since it is pretty goddamn aggro (passionate, you might say). A hint for those in the know, it's related to my recent departure from a particular student organisation.

Anyway, shit's been pretty good. I kinda treat my FB status updates as a miniblog nowadays, which is probably why I don't bother committing shit down to blogposts. Hit me up if you wanna catch up.