Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ωʝ says (12:17 AM):
*Why are balls called balls?
- ♥ - [-Kureya-Chan-] says (12:17 AM):
     Ωʝ     says (12:17 AM):
*They're not very spherical at all
- ♥ - [-Kureya-Chan-] says (12:17 AM):
Ωʝ says (12:17 AM):
*I meant like, AA ball
Ωʝ says (12:18 AM):


aMANDA (: says (12:24 AM):
aMANDA (: says (12:25 AM):
*you derdy person implant derdy thoughts into otherwise innocent minds.

Monday, September 27, 2010

For if the Emperor is with me, who may stand against me?
And if the Emperor protects me, who may harm me?
And if the Emperor guides me, who may mislead me?
And if the Emperor forgives me, who may judge me?
And if the Emperor hears me, who may ignore me?
And if the Emperor is my cause, who may claim to be holier?

My ignorance is my faith.
My faith is my shield.
My armour is my contempt.
My hatred is my greatest weapon.
The Emperor's will is my torch.
His will be done.

For today, the Emperor is with me and I shall not fear.
By His glorious name, daemons and heretics will fall before us,
Sinners will fear the Emperor's wrath,
And all enemies of the Imperium will be driven back into the warp.
In the name of the Emperor, for Holy Terra, for blessed Mankind,
For the glory of the Imperium,
We will fight to the last man and the last round,
And in so doing, we earn our salvation.


Look there lads, over yonder hills,
Set down your games and cheap thrills.
The future beckons, boys,
No time for electronic toys.
As childhood years fly,
And teenage years pass by,
Onwards we march from security,
The slow march to maturity.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thoughts 4

All those who claim that the path to a good life lies in living for the present, with no worries and no regrets, are but utter fools. Without tomorrow, what is today Tomorrow gives us motivation, impetus, hope, fear. Our life is a step-by-step accumulation of tomorrows. If today is all we live for, then our legacy, like our presence, will be for today only.
And a life with no regrets might well be no life at all. Without regrets, there are no hopes, no dreams. If we are not disappointed with the past, how can we have desires for the future? With no anchor for our happiness, no counter for the high, then it is nothing. Only in contrast does extremity exist.


I realised on the bus the other day, that if you stand in the Sun and look at your shadow, what you are looking at actually the back of your head.
Cool, huh? :D


Why am I up so late on a uni night? I...don't know.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts 3

What is Man's role? Well if our words and actions are to be judged, then it appears quite clear that our position on this planet is for the annihilation or enslavement of all lifeforms, including our own; the destruction of the natural resources that have clothed, fed, housed, enriched and advanced us for millenia; and to ensure that all who come in our wake will have us placed in museums as examples of special not-to-be's.

Note: 'special' as in 'relating to species', not as in 'unique'


I'm so sick. D: Went to bed at 1am, woke up at 2pm. Lay in bed playing with iPod for another 30 minutes. Then...did nothing. Head was pounding with CONGESTION D: And now drinking honey lemon water yay :D It's scaldingly hot, which is...perfect.


Not much as happened lately, I guess. Went to Passionflower, and it's fucking epic. Tastiest desserts ever. Expensive as all hell, though. Saw Amanda working xD
What else...oh, yeah, Henry's 18th. Disappointed that I only stayed for like an hour, but it was a damned fine hour. Suits are awesome.


Actions speak louder than words...but speaking is an action. (SIDE NOTE: I JUST RAN OUT OF TISSUES D: D: D:) (SIDE NOTE TO THE SIDE NOTE: STOLE THE LAST TISSUE BOX FROM THE PANTRY) If I want to support a friend, am I obliged to instantly go for the action-route, or should I accept that talking is just as important and try that first?


Finished the $1 book I bought from the 2nd hand bookstore on-campus. "From the House of War", by John Simpson. I don't think he has a donkey, though D: Commentary on the Gulf War (1990-1991). Very interesting insights that I didn't know about before, such as the widespread lack of genuine support for Saddam Hussein in the leadup to and aftermath of the fighting. Veiled hints as to widespread failures by the Allies and influential humanitarian groups.

Fucking hippies.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts 2

Corruption of the soul stems not from power, but from the abuse of power. Corruption is not the possession of power abused, but the abuse of power possessed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thoughts 1

Perhaps the problem is not that we are all thinking differently; rather, that we are all thinking alike. The less attention we pay to reality, the more we are able to see the world around us in a way that others cannot. A fresh approach. A new outlook. Yeah, maybe that's what the world needs.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random observation 2

Observation of the day: Long hair is awesome for keep rain off head.

Stayed home today, first time I've ever skipped my lone Thursday lecture. Still sick.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random observation 1

Observation of the day: Nobody says "leet" anymore. :(

edit: Happy first day of Spring, everyone. Still have that fething cold. D: Life sucks.