Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life in jail horrible: Aussie activist

Shouldn't have decided that it would be a good idea to protest against a Russian oil rig then, stupid woman. I do dearly hope that you get the 7 years, and that Russia goes ahead with drilling anyway. A nice hard smack of reality would do you, and those like you, some good.

I mean, the logic here is pretty much, "I break the law, and I expect to get away with it". If someone scaled the Greenpeace Sydney headquarters and unfurled a banner with "No Greenpeace" on it, I'm pretty sure the Greenpeace folk there would call the police and complain about it. And yet they expect to get away with similar actions elsewhere. Double standards, double standards everywhere.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're all just square pegs in round holes.

It's amazing how you can think you know exactly what a person is like, can interact with them on a regular basis for years on end, only for one single event to cascade into the beautiful realisation that there's so much more to them than you originally thought.

Maybe sometimes it's just because you aren't ready for it. Maybe some things are meant to be hidden until their due time. Still, I've known Wen for something like three and a half years, or at least known of her existence, but the past month has made me realise that I really didn't know her very well at all. And there's times where I regret not noticing or realising or doing something sooner, at least just talking to her. But she's right when she says that I wasn't ready for all this before. Certainly before this year, at the very least.

She's absolutely amazing. I honestly don't know why me, of all people. But I'm very glad, and very thankful, and extremely happy that it is actually me. I'm constantly fascinated by what she does and her interests and her life. And at the same time, I'm learning things about myself that I never even knew before.

One month tomorrow. I guess it's still early days yet but...I'm really happy with how my life is right now.

Even if I haven't finished all my assessments yet.

Even if I didn't make it in to the ADF.

Actually, not getting in to the ADF means I'll be taking an Honours year next year in Politics. I'm actually pretty excited at the thought of writing 15,000-18,000 words on a topic of my choice. Still need to find a Politics staff member willing to supervise me and I need to flesh out my thesis topic with them.

PAX Australia date for next year has been announced. Keen to attend.

I am blessed with the very best of friends.

I play way too much Dota 2 for my own good.

I don't see my Melbourne Uni friends as often as I should.

Exams are coming, and that means I need to start thinking of songs to parody.

Who even reads this thing any more?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life is a rush that passes us by

I literally do not have enough time for all my homework and assignments to be posting on here. But I'm here anyway. Fuck logic.

Was browsing Reddit the other day reading a thread about what guys should and shouldn't do on a first date, and a comment about how all guys have a little bit of ADD so we should avoid facing distractions or activity when picking a seat really stuck with me. The more I thought about it, the more I found that I could apply it to a whole range of things. So bear with me while I ramble.

All guys are a little ADD. Our eyes, and attention, are drawn by movement. It's why we find it difficult to be passive in peaceful environments. It's why we, as a gender, tend to enjoy chaotic visual stimulation, like watching sports, or playing video games. It's why we can sit in a crowded area and feel like we're involved and taking part even if we're not doing anything. Motion satisfies us, and if there's no motion then we'll make our own.

An unfinished thought. But I should really start work on that essay...