Saturday, May 29, 2010

Electronic music

I remember the day I first heard electronic music
I knew back then this illegal computer sound was gonna be my call
My heart got hooked on 4 by 4 beats
When house took his journey with Jack Chicago and Acid House

Now my heart is hooked forever
It's in my soul, in my veins
On my mind 24/7
I don't care if it's french-tek, hardstyle, hardcore, old school or jump

I don't understand people who are satisfied with ordinary pop music
They just listen to whatever radio stations decide they should like
Followed by an overkill of ring tone commercials meant for kids
And my god, they like it!

Some people even think that house clubs are for weirdos only!
Maybe they're right, maybe we are weird
Maybe this music is weird and maybe the clubs are overrated
But we're in this together, we're in this for the love of beats,
for the love of loops

If you're in the scene, being a DJ seems like a natural path to follow
Ha, and back in the days DJ's were weird people who liked music in a weird way
Back then you would have to be a nerd to become a DJ

Nowadays everybody wants to be a DJ
Nowadays everybody wants to be that nerd

It sickens me, I hate those smart asses who think that DJ is an easy way to get laid
Well... get a life!
If you're not in it for the love of the music, would you please fuck off!

-DJ Coon

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teenage violence

Apparently there was this 13 year old girl in Western Australia who physically assaulted her teacher. And all the guy could do was try to hide. If I was the teacher, I would have knocked her out. Seriously. If kids are gonna do that, that's an offence. You'd be perfectly justified in acting in self-defence. And if you say that it's not justified, well, pacifism is nice in theory and all, but when someone is punching you in the face, principles go out the window. Go on, hide. Do nothing. Pathetic.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kiss goodbye to MS

So apparently there's this event on tomorrow which involves girls (and boys, I guess) wearing red lipstick to raise awareness about MS (Multiple Sclerosis).


Because, you know, MS doesn't already get publicity enough without the MS Read-a-thon (people would have noticed Bindi Irwin's shrill fakeplastic voice in the ads) and various other activities, right?

And judging from the event itself, it seems to be just another publicity stunt. I mean, explain to me exactly how wearing red lipstick is going to help MS at all? You're not raising money, you're not working for a're just wearing red lipstick. This is like Earth Hour all over again, but with even less real impact.

There are those that say that I'm too cynical. I disagree. Of course charity and fundraising is important; I am willing to admit that in some cases it is necessary and indeed beneficial that such activities take place. But this event appears to contribute nothing at all. How many of those people wearing lipstick tomorrow do you actually believe have any understanding at all of MS? Do they really even care about raising awareness (pointless task in my opinion; a newspaper advert would reach more people), or is it to them simply a chance to put on some makeup for a "good cause" that makes THEM look good?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hungy's 18th

Well, apart from the failure that was Hungy forgetting to bring his keys with him when we left his apartment, resulting in two hours of Big 2 and Knives at Sante Buffet and KFC, it was an awesome night.

First, went to Hungy's place at around 4. Took the bus/train with Jonathan and Wong from Monash. We were on schedule. I think. :D
Got to Hungy's, played CoD. 10 killstreak, then some fucking lightweight knifer took me out while I was camping at the top of the stairs in Skidrow with a SPAS. Bastard. I want that nuke.

People arrived in dribs and drabs, then we had some fun with Mount&Blade...I demonstrated to Steve how to take on 126 enemies using a two-man army. He didn't win it but...well, at least he knows how to do it now. Right? :D

Left Hungy's at about 7, took the tram down to Crown. First 96 was packed. Minh, Wong, Dehan, Linh and Kegs walked down, rest of us took the tram. Somehow they got there ahead of us...(but I walked back on the way back, and found out how). Met Xile and Brian outside Crown, managed to get lost inside Crown on the way there, got to Sante Buffet, amalgamated two seperate groups of tables, and ate. A lot. It was awesome. Cheers to Hungy for paying half, too :D

Having discovered that he had no keys, Hungy then went and bought four packets of cards from...somewhere. Much Asian-ness ensued.

Went back to Hungy's at about 10:30, sat downstairs in the foyer playing Terrorist for a while. I somehow managed to get voted off while on the phone. Bastards.

Hungy's mum finally arrived, Belgrave/Lilydale boys went up and got their stuff, then headed for the train. Jonathan, Steve, Kegs, Wong, Victor, Chris Lee, myself. Victor and Wong got off on the way to BH, Steve and Kegs drove from BH, Jonathan picked up by his parents, Chris took the final 279 of the night. I waited (alone) till 12:30, mum and sis came to pick me up. Got home, slept.

All in all, awesomeness.

Saturday, May 15, 2010







My hands are cold.

MHS kids in CoD

I ran into a couple of current students in CoD today. It was so gratifying to see them hurl abuse at me.

Now, me being who I am, I wasn't going to stand for that. So I went and emailed Ludowyke:

"Principal Ludowyke,

As an MHS Old Boy of the class of 2009, I fiercely associate with the current students of MHS in the wider community, taking the opportunity to introduce myself whenever I see them in public, with words of encouragement mixed with reminscing of past school days. This courtesy extends to my, unfortunately, rather copious time spent playing computer games; whenever I see a past or present MHS student, I extend a greeting.

Within the past few days, however, I have noticed two distinct individuals who have responded to me with barely disguised hostility. Upon my questioning, they identified themselves as Will and Stewart, from Year 10. My own further research into their backgrounds (read: Facebook), have produced nothing, and I have long since realised that mere talk is cheap, so I do not wish to pursue the matter any further. I also realise that identities on the Internet can be very easily forged or faked, and so without firm proof of their exact identities it would be pointless to pursue a needless wild goose chase. While it does sadden me that I can imagine MHS students acting in such a manner, my own personal experience with certain students during my time at the school has resigned me to the fact that it is inevitable such students remain.

Attached is a picture of one particular incident.

Yours truly,
Oliver Jiang

Friday, May 14, 2010

One more nuke!

Yep, that's right, got my 9th nuke of this Prestige today :) My fourth nuke on the map Afghan, my third playing Afghan Domination. Really starting to love that map :) Always play UMP (silenced) + shotgun + claymore + flashbangs, marathon pro, cold blooded pro, ninja pro. ^^


Chem lab finished an hour and a half early today. Thought Film Club IGM was on at 2pm, so I stuck around. Turns out it wasn't on. :(

Definitely leaning towards going to Shanghai after yeah, no more job-hunting.

Thought of the day: Shining the light on others keeps you in the shadows.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swimming against the current

Pretty good metaphor for Life, isn't it? In a way, I guess that's what we're all trying to do, in some way or another. Maybe it's acting outside the social norm, doing what feels comfortable to you, not caring about what others think. Maybe it's defying your conservative parents and keeping an open mind about things. Maybe it's that you're actually swimming against a current, in which case all the best of luck to you.

I'm at this point where I want to move forward, and yet there's just all these little things that keep holding me back. Sure, just one thing at a time, I could deal with it. But it's like I'm trying to kick a soccer ball out of a really really big ditch; little taps won't get it out, but I just can't find the strength to make that one massive effort required.

Coupled with a lack of sleep (averaging 5-6 hours a night), and I'm starting to stress out a bit. Can't focus in lectures, too worried about other things to really contribute in tutorials. I even managed to take a five day break in CoD without trying, and even when I did play again, I switched my Automatic Rifle kit from the ACR to the M4, because the M4 has a deeper heavier beefier sound to it, making it far more satisfying to fire. Plus the solid thunk of the SPAS, and it's about the closest thing to sex that I can imagine.

I feel so very alone.

It's cold.

I just want to hide under my blankets and never come out.

I might come out to read Honor Harrington.

It's a good series.

The weather sucks.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Desert Called Peace

This is a military science-fiction novel by LTC Tom Kratman (ret.), and it's actually amazingly funny. Here's a few quotes...

"General speaking the rule had been: Republic equals republic. People's Republic equals dictatorship. Democratic Republic equals really oppressive dictatorship. People's Democratic Republic equals really oppressive and corrupt dictatorship, amounting to a family corporation, with genocidal tendencies."

"Crudely modified Volgan missiles. Even the unmodified versions were so inaccurate they had been known to miss entire countries before. The dictator, Saleh, would be more likely to hit the base around Mangesh if he hired a bunch of witch doctors from Uhuru and had them try to entice meteors down from space."

"When no attack materialized, they went back to their normal routine of shivering, freezing, and, if the Yezidi were to be believed, buggering [fucking] each other. In this belief Fahad and the Chaldeans seemed to concur.
They were still, so far as Cheatham could tell, buggering [fucking] each other when the frameworks for the Stollen began to go up.
Perhaps they had run out of lubrication-that, or they'd discovered that weapons oil was a poor substitute-when the layer of concrete was poured.
Supplies of less toxic lubricant must have come through, though, because they disappeared again when the Yezidi gangs began piling dirt atop the concrete. Still, so Cheatham and the Yezidis surmised, those supplies must have been limited. They were back again to watch as the dirt was covered with large chunks and slabs of rock."

"Everything you need to know about the Yezidi is explained by their conduct during and after the Oil War. We told them if they arose in rebellion, in other words if they helped us by drawing off some of the Sumeri troops, we would help them. They rebelled all right, but they waited until after we had stomped the crap out of the Sumeri army on our own. They only rebelled when it seemed perfectly safe to rise up in the vacuum we created, and after we didn't need their help any more. Then they whined when even the shot-and-bombed-to-shit rump of the Sumeri Haris al Watini was able to crush their chicken-shit asses. They will do nothing for themselves or for us. Trust me on this. Politically they're unreliable and militarily they're worthless."

"I've been in those mountains before. They practically defend themselves, at least as long as they're not being defended by Yezidis. Yezidis are a net minus to combat power."

""Arrest the motherfuckers as spies," Carrera commanded McNamara when told that a group of media types from the Global News Network had arrived in now-abandoned Mangesh. When told of a humanitarian medical group nosing around he had said, with equal vehemence, "Arrest them. Take them to the caves and inform them they will care for our wounded as well as any civilians. Make it clear that I am firing squad serious about that."
"Patricio," Jiminez cautioned, "do you really think it's wise to alienate the press?"
"Err...maybe not, Xavier," Carrera relented. "Though frankly I doubt it matters. The press is the enemy, as much as the Sumeris or perhaps more so. But...all right. We won't arrest them as spies."
"Instead....Sergeant Major, take the pressies and medicos into protective custody, confiscate their equipment and cell phones, and confine them to the field hospital cave where they'll help care for our wounded. Don't trust the bastards; strip search them. If any of them are women see if the good father can come up with some Chaldean women to do the strip search. And if they try to escape, shoot them as spies.""

Anyway, I just finished it today. It is a bloody fine book, and I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel. :)