Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Thank you for being such a, you know, prompt replier to all my emails and messages and shit. Fuck you. All I've ever done is tell you the truth, pure and simple. And all you've done had to reward that is with lies and treachery, or just downright silence. I no longer care about what you do or what you think. If you honestly believe fucking up your life is the best thing you can do, go ahead. I think I might just sit back and enjoy this particular car accident, when it happens.

I can't believe I wasted three years of my life pining for you. And for what. Heartache and bad memories and bitter outlooks? I was a fool. A gullible innocent lovestruck fool.

Anyway, I've deleted you from Facebook. If you do ever want to talk to me, and if I'm stupid enough to listen, email me.

Someone who reads this, let Linh know.

Fucking hell.

You know, I'm actually lost now. I mean, I liked this girl for the majority of my high school life. And now...I have nothing. Just this emptiness. So, like, if you're female, and I happen to make a pass at you in the coming days/weeks/months...blame Linh.

Probably will be more to come, as I think of it. Really need to just get this shit out of my system.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What have I been up to lately...

Well, I reinstalled Empire Total War last night. And stayed up till 5am playing it. British (my favourite) :) Tried to stay away from war with the French, but eventually got dragged into one by (of all people) Sweden. Defeated France, now at war with Denmark (all they have left is Iceland). Income just topped 30k per turn, with about 65% of that coming from taxes, 35% from trade. Four schools, so teching up pretty quick. Half the Carribean is under my control, as is Texas, and Louisiana. Took the Inuits and Newfoundland as well, should be moving against the United States soon (they have one region; formed when France disintegrated). Looking to expand operations out into India (Mysore should be easy pickings) within the next 5-10 turns.

The reason I'm playing again? I just finished reading three books from the Alain Lausard series by Richard Howard, set during the Napoleonic Wars, following a single squadron of dragoons within the Grande Armee. (Yes, I know there should be an accent on the first e. So sue me.)

Also been playing Runescape a fair bit. Went from 200k to 1.5 mill in a week, playing part-time, without even spending all my time smithing steel bars...went and fished 700 trout and 500 salmon for fun. Finally broke 1500 skill levels.

Just finished MasteringBio week 5, 25/25 again. I did get one of the practice questions wrong...bloody confusing genetics. It's really not that complicated, but the way they set everything out and then repeat questions endlessly is just annoying.

Should be getting a Bio prac report and an International Studies assignment back this week. Hopefully I went well!

Easter's coming. Seems less commercialised this year...or maybe I'm just not watching enough television.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My own little salute

Okay, so, you know how people have their own little distinct way of greeting/farewelling people...I've finally got my own.

Greeting: Right hand outstretched in front of body. Exact height placement depends on excitement at seeing person being greeted.
The 'sup' headnod. Sharp jerk of head upwards by a few degrees, then slower lowering to neutral state.

Farewell: Right hand wave, fingers outstretched. Chest height.
Right hand outstretched, palm facing inwards, middle finger touching right eyebrow.

The final gesture as the greatest significance for me personally. Similar in many respects to a military salute, not only does it display that my right hand is unarmed and thus unable to provoke aggressive action on the person being farewelled, but the palm of my right hand partially covers my right eye, blocking vision in my one good eye (as my left eye is lazy/shortsighted/something).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


...are better. Stablising. Improving. There's hope. Maybe just a flicker, right now, but even the barest spark can start a bushfire. Branching out, but at the same time consolidating. Outcast, yet accepted.

Oddly, I've also been doing better in Modern Warfare 2 lately. Perhaps the two are linked? Is my better mood leading to better gaming prowess, or is my good scores leading to a better mood? This, I must ponder...

Monday, March 22, 2010

10 'oh shit' moments (for him)

1. When you're flirting with a girl and her boyfriend shows up.
2. When you wake up after sex, and your ass hurts.
3. When the girl you're making out with has an Adam's apple.
4. When you have sex with a girl, and find out she's your cousin.
5. When anything breaks.
6. When someone sticks Semtex to your riot shield.
7. When it's a trap!
8. When you ejaculate with your pants still on.
9. When you find out your girlfriend has a husband.
10. When you wake up naked, the girl next to you is naked, and your girlfriend is standing above you.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 moments to rage (Modern Warfare 2)

1. You've just hit a 25 kill streak, and before you can hit '6' to activate nuke, your computer BSODs.
2. When you get claymored.
3. When you're spawncamped.
4. When you lose.
5. When you get knifed.
6. When you get tubed.
7. When you get camped.
8. When there's a hacker, who loudly proclaims his 'skill'.
9. When you die, respawn, then the guy that killed you first time marathons past and kills you again.
10. When you're defusing the bomb, and get killed, because your team is all camping on the other side of the map for some fucked up reason.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

10 things I hate about binary

1. People understand it.
2. People don't understand it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

10 awkward moments (for him)

1. When she says she's pregnant.
2. When she says she loves you.
3. When you wake up in bed, naked, and there's a guy with you.
4. When you wake up, and people are standing around staring down at you.
5. When introducing two female friends to each other.
6. When the girl you're with starts chatting to friends you don't know.
7. When someone catches you jacking off.
8. The morning after sex/party/lan session.
9. When you walk in on people having sex.
10. When you're chatting up a hot chick you've met previously, and she doesn't remember you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 things that I hate

1. I hate it when the bus/tram/train is early, and you're late.
2. I hate it when the bus/tram/train is late, and you're early.
3. I hate it when the pearls in your milk tea clump together.
4. I hate it when I'm wrong.
5. I hate it when you're right.
6. I hate it when people "TaLK lYk dIs".
7. I hate it when people don't give up their seats on public transport to those who need them.
8. I hate it when people wear hats indoors.
9. I hate it when people say 10, but only give 9.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ten types of people that I hate

1. People that put their feet on seats on public transport. I hope your feet fall off and then you have to walk around on stumps.
2. People of the Gothic subculture, with all the dark clothes and dark hair and eyeliner. Wierdos.
3. Greenies. Because honestly, those nutcases couldn't save themselves, let alone the entire environment. And they're also biased and unable to use any science/facts at all.
4. Email spammers. Seriously, get the fuck out of my junk inbox.
5. Ignorant retards who are proud of it. Really. Why are you proud of your stupidity? Especially when it comes to history or politics or military affairs. Go read a book or something. Or a newspaper. Or a self-diagnosis kit.
6. People who don't seed. I need faster downloads.
7. Noobs who camp in corners with a shotgun, getting like three kills and fifteen deaths a game. Seriously, not only does it piss off the few people you do actually kill, you're fucking retarded.
8. People who flirt even when they're already attached. Like, seriously, people like you don't deserve to breed.
9. Hackers. Like, fuck off and let the rest of us play a decent game. Not only do you completely lack any gaming skill at all, it also ruins the experience for everyone else.
10. Marathon + Lightweight + Commando retards. Yes, I know, I used that kit too. But only on Scrapyard, where it's actually useful. And I did cap points in Domination. If you're going to use it on like, Estate or something, you deserve to get tubed.

Monday, March 1, 2010

First day of uni

Well, what a day! First, I had to wake up at 6:30am. 6.5 hours sleep, not minusing all the time I spent tossing and turning. Saw Lina, Judy and Xinchin at Box Hill bus station, took the same bus out to Clayton.

First lecture: Biology 1011, South 1 Lecture hall, 8am-9am
Dude, this thing was PACKED. And for an 8am start, that's pretty damn impressive. I'd least 400 people in there, with only the seats up the very back kinda empty. Just basic introduction stuff, nothing major.
People in this lecture: Judy, Lina

Lina's friend used her ID card to get us into the Advanced Science commonroom, for all the Science Honours students. They have poker chips, cards, and an automatic card shuffler in there! Plus computers and a fridge and a microwave and other amenities. Awesome place. Too bad guests are pretty much banned from doing ANYTHING. Got paper (The Australian is the ONLY way to go :)) and went to HAL for a while.

Second lecture: Chemistry 1011, Lecture room S5, 10am-11am
Same again, another full house. People were actually kind of awake now, but still just introduction stuff. Looks like there'll be quite a bit of physics coming up though...damn.
People in this lecture: Judy, Lina, Waruna, Payal

Met the person selling me my Bio textbook, then went to bookshop to get my INT1010 book. God, that place was PACKED. Somehow managed to run into Fei and Danielle though :) Then went and sat on the lawn with them and another guy for a while. Got the bus to Box Hill for otho appointment. Bastards doublebooked my timeslot, so I didn't get in till 1:15. Took the 1:45 bus back to Monash, got to my Bio lab 30 minutes late. :( Damn it.

First laboratory: Biology 1011, Laboratory G04, 2:30pm-3:50pm
More introduction stuff, plus a very useful presentation from the learning unit staff. Since Aaron didn't save me a bloody spot, I'm now stuck with randoms as my lab group. Also saw Ivana at the very end, which was a very pleasant surprise! Haven't seen her since primary school, in fact. Finished early, so they let us out.
People in this lab: Aaron, Ivana

All in all, a good start to the year. Looks like the workload is going to pick up very quickly, but until then, going to enjoy it while I can :)

edit: I also found out that it's possible to fail Chemistry with a 89% overall mark. Labs count for 20%, but MUST be passed. Gay.

doubleedit: Which essay topic should I do?
3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the application of biological control for arthropod pests.
8. Discuss the comparative evolutionary costs and benefits of parthenogenesis versus sexual reproduction.