Friday, April 30, 2010

Life without CoD

Okay, so this is my third day straight without playing Call of Duty. I now spend an inordinate amount of time camping Facebook, or MCAC chat, watching TV, or just reading books. Though Facebook camping today was pretty shit, since like, ASEAN Ball was last night and everything, so it's like, just amplifying the loneliness.

I need to find something new to occupy my time. Desperately.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quitting Modern Warfare 2

It's been a while since I posted, but this post'll probably make up for it.

I'm going to quit playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

I know, I know. I've invested over 300 hours into that game since November last year. But the point is, it's gotten to the point where the utterly shit parts of the game just make it unviable to play.

First all of, my pet fucking peeve, are the marathon + lightweight + commando knifers. Seriously. Grow some balls and get a real fucking kit. Fuck off. Die. I hope a deranged lunatic comes into your house tonight and rapes you, then cuts off all your limbs and let's you starve to death. Seriously. Not even shitting around here. Wouldn't even shed a tear if that happened; I'd probably end up dancing and singing through the streets with a big placard. If all of you were crucified right now, I might even consider coming back to play. Seriously. That's how much I fucking hate you guys.

Second of all, game modes. Like Search and Destroy, or Sabotage. What the fuck are these game modes anyway. Search and Destroy is basically CS. If I wanted to play CS, I'd actually go and play CS. Fuck this shit. At least people camp properly in CS. Unlike in SnD, or Sabotage, in which they camp directly next to the bomb sites with perfect cover and fields of fire that cover literally every approach, thus making impossible for any opposition team to succesfully achieve the game objective. Sabotage is basically camp. Camp some more. Shoot people who are rushing. Camp. Walk forward one pace. More camping. Camp. Camp camp camp. Camp round draw, sudden death, everyone calls in their killstreak rewards.

Next is the absurd spawn system. What the fuck. Some guy dies on the other side of the map, and he just so happens to spawn literally next to me, so that as he spawns I'm moving directly through his field of fire. Give me a fucking break. If we're just handing out kills now, why not create a map in which the entire team stands in a line and tries to kill the enemy team as quickly as possible?

Next are the fucking claymores. What, sometimes they blow up three seconds after walking through them, and sometimes straight away? Make up your fucking mind. Pick one time, and stick with it.

Akimbo pistols (USP, G18s, all handguns or automatic pistols). No really, what the fuck. Stick Stopping Power and Steady Aim onto those things, and you've essentially created a long-range shotgun. Akimbo shotguns I can stand; that shit has a range limit. G18s are way too accurate. I'm sorry, have you seen the amount of spray they do? Pistols are simply overpowered in this game; a pistol does just as much damage as a rifle. Despite this being completely and utterly impossible.

Next off, what the fuck is with quickscoping. I'm sorry, perfect aim while not even looking down the scope, with the crosshairs not even pointed at the target? No, that's just stupid. And fucking retarded. Why the fuck is possible to fire while scoping. This makes no sense at all, and the insane accuracy that it provides is just imbalanced.

Hackers. Are fucking everywhere. And yet there's no kick option from the game. What a stupid piece of shit. Really.

Lack of dedicated servers really shits me. I'm sorry, did you think peer-to-peer connections would actually improve game speeds? Yeah, right, because like, the host computer obviously is always going to be able to cope with everyone connecting to them.

On that note, the entire match making system is flawed. I join a game. Host leaves, the room dies. Alright, I join again. Same thing. Over and over and over fucking again. Then when I do actually get into a room, it's got a hacker. So I leave. When I try to join a new game, it automatically puts me back into the game with the hacker. Over and over and over again. No really, fuck you. Maybe don't dedicate servers, but at least let me pick which game I want to join. Stupid piece of shit Infinity Ward.

Why the fuck does the RPG curve when it's fired. 'nuff said.

The entire game is console port. No, I don't give a flying fuck what you say, Infinity Ward, it's a console port. Wait, what? It has keyboard and mouse connectivity, plus the ability to change graphics settings? IT'S A FUCKING CONSOLE PORT. IF IT DIDN'T HAVE THAT SHIT, YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PLAY ON PC, PERIOD. The PC version of the game is EXACTLY the same as the console version, down to the normal console limits of 12 players per server, peer-to-peer connections, and other little shitty things like that. If you didn't have the ability to play with a mouse and a keyboard on the PC version, WHAT THE FUCK ELSE AM I GOING TO PLAY THE FUCKING GAME WITH?! And if I can't change the goddamn graphics settings, how the fuck are different machines going to handle the game? You stupid dumb fucks. Stop trying to sugarcoat shit. Really. It's just a console port.

So yes, I'm quitting this shit. Fuck it, fuck you, fuck Infinity Ward.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Holidays are over

It's sad, but true. I have a Biology essay draft, 700 words minimum due in 23 hours. I have written 30 words. That's the extent of my work this week. Fuck. Oh well, I'll do it later today.

So, my holidays. I've succesfully altered my sleeping patterns nearly all the way around. Current bed time: 6am. Current wakeup time: 3pm. Pretty sweet :) And I'm not the only one! Gotta love Anime Club for keeping me entertained and awake all night ^^

My dad is back in China from Japan. He's coming down to Australia for a bit in July, so yay! He bought me a camera in Japan. I can't wait for it. I really have this urge to take photos of things. Not like, TB photowhoring, but like, actual photography. I hope he didn't fail though; last time we told him to get a new laptop charger for my sister, and he bought a laptop battery.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

M Magazine

Sam found this in The Age M Magazine on Saturday.

Q: I'm in love with one of my best friends at school. I've asked her out a few times, but was rejected because she didn't want to ruin our friendship. I started feeling sad all the time, as if I was going insane. A week ago, I asked her out again, telling her not to worry about spoiling our friendship, but she would rather be friends. I don't want to move on. She is perfect for me. I wrote her a song, but haven't played it for her yet. How can I make her love me? I am small, with acne scars and braces. Does that matter?

A: It is easy for older people to belittle young love. While all emotions are intense at your age, your pain is real.

The fear of spoiling a friendship can be very real, but it can also be a gentle excuse to try not to hurt a friend's feelings.

If you continue to put her on the spot she may feel that the only way to escape an awkward situation is to end the friendship, and that would mean losing everything.

There is no way to "make" someone love you, and you might lose her respect if you are too persistent. Do not play your song to her. She might not know how to react and could feel cornered. It would be better to record the song and let her listen to it privately.

I am not going to tell you to move on, or that you are too young and have met too few girls to know if she's "the one". You are experiencing real pain and are genuinely confused about how best to act.

You are more likely to have some success if you are able to maintain your closeness as friends, so try not to push her away from you by pestering her. Rather, focus on being a good friend by giving her space without demands or expectations.

As time passes, you will become a more and more invaluable friend. She will associate your companionship with fun, not embarrassment. She will look forward to seeing you, not feel that she wants to avoid you.

If love is going to blossom it will do so. Over time, she might start to see you in a new light, but try not to "make" this happen.

It is difficult to be patient and to take things slowly when you age young and impetuous, but this is a situation that will sort itself out over time. Meanwhile, be grateful that your friendship means that you can spend some time in the company of the girl you are so fond of.

As far as looks go, love is blind but these outward features can form an initial barrier to attraction. Yet again, time can help people to see past the superficial to the heart beneath.

If only I had read this earlier...


Ladies and guys

Ladies...don't change who you are. Never change. Unless it's for yourself. If a guy can't see that you're perfect the way you are, then he doesn't deserve you. Just don't be so picky with looks. Think of guys as a packet of oreos. At the end of the day, you don't really pay attention to the packaging except to identify that they are indeed oreos, packaging which ends up in the bin anyway. And guys crumble easily just like oreos. And oreos are made to be licked ;) Just don't twist us beforehand.

Guys...just take a chance. If there's a girl that you like, let her know. Don't just hint at it; while she may get the hints, unless she replies, there'll be that doubt in your mind that she might juts be ignoring your hints and thus doesn't like you. Just outright tell her. If she likes you too, well, congratulations. If she doesn't, just be her friend. She might change her mind, she might not. But if she's that awesome that you like her, friends is better than nothing.

Ladies...if you like a guy, tell him. Hints are useless. They aren't definitive, solid. Who knows, you might just be flirting. Yes. We really are so thick that we need you to lay it out for us. Much obliged. Much of what I said above for guys applies equally as much to you. If a guy likes you, and all he's doing is hinting at it (against my advice), actually reply. Not with more hints, but an actual yes/no kind of reply. Otherwise we just have this hope and it slowly eats away at us.

Guys...never go out with a girl who's friends with the one you like, just so you can spend more time with her. It's unfair to the girl that you're essentially using, and the girl that you like will probably assume that, even if you once liked her, you no longer do anymore. It's basically shooting yourself in the foot; a retarded idea in theory, and even worse in practice. If you date a girl, make sure it's because you actually like her, not because you like her friend/s.

Okay, I need to go to Uni now to study/Anime Club marathon + free Subway. Hmm.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holidays so far

I didn't do any work today. I was supposed to. Going to Monash tomorrow to knuckle down and get some hard study done. Hopefully. Why does Anime Club Marathon have to be on tomorrow too? =="

Finished HAWX campaign on normal difficulty, now going through it again on Hard. Level 19 at the moment; need to level up faster so I can unlock better stuff. Anyone feel like giving me a legit CD key for it so I can play online? :D

Did a couple of Russian missions in Men of War. Was doing the Sevastapool siege one, and just as we get ordered to retreat to the second line of defence and the game starts autosaving, laptop freezes. FUCKING FUCKING FUCK. So now I have to restart the whole goddamn mission. Fucking hell.

Oh, and my laptop overheated overnight. When I woke up this morning, it wouldn't start up. I nearly shit myself. One of the panels on the underside of the laptop was all white and wierd. Nearly shit myself again. Took out the battery, replugged in the power cord, it was all good. Fuck me, never again. Well. Until tonight, that is. Need to download Season 2 of Merlin...and I should get around to downloading Big Bang Theory some time soon as well =/

I need CS. Steam-legit.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, today, I doubled the number of blogs that I'm following! Yes, it increased from 3 to 6. Not much of an improvement in real terms, but I feel like I'm making a difference! ^_^ I mean, it's really quite inspiring to see that there are real live people who are following your blog! So I thought I might give some others that satisfaction too :)

In other news, I'm learning how to play LoL. Since it's free to play, and I actually know several other people actively playing, I'm really rather encouraged in my efforts to learn the game. xD How good I am is another matter entirely...

I have not done any homework yet. Well, okay, I did my MasterBio module 6 (24/25...0.4% of my semester grade lost in that single question wrong ><), but that's like, piddly.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is shit. Like, dedicated server ping is horrible, worse than Modern Warfare 2 with it's LACK of dedicated servers. And the graphics are so resource intense that it compounds the lag, makes the gaming experience completely and utterly useless. Unplayable. Definitely not on my shopping list.

On that note, ATI sucks balls. As does ASUS. This laptop is a piece of shit. Stop freezing. Seriously. Three times in two hours is just piss poor.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Alright, so, picture this. It's 7pm, I'm mowing the front lawn. As I hack away the grass, a small figure seems to appear. It's a mouse. It's dead. I've run it over with a lawnmower.

I slept from 3am till 2pm today. When I woke up, I was still tired.

Level 5 now in LoL. Laptop froze right when we were defending enemy push, and I was carrying the team. Nifty function of LoL lets players reconnect when they disconnect, so I logged back in just in time to see us lose. Fucking hell. I actually hate this laptop.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 also lags like shit when I play online. Fastest servers still give me 280 ping, and the lowest graphics setting still overworks my shitty ATI graphics card. Fuck my laptop.

LANP yesterday at Hungy's was pretty good, all things considered. After 4 hours, we still hadn't lanned anything, but then Minh, Dehan, Hungy and I played a few games of Men of War. Played some LoL, HAWX now works on my laptop...CoD2 didn't work.

Easter and all that. Doesn't seem to commercialised this year, but maybe I just haven't been watching enough television.

Things to do: HSY essay, INT essay, BIO essay, MasteringBio, Chemistry Blackboard test, Biology revision test, INT reading, HSY reading